Current wave data

Current wave buoy data unavailable.
Due to technical difficulties the wave buoy is currently not operational . We apologise for any inconvenience.

Waves have a huge impact on Canterbury's coast and coastal waters. They may be formed by local weather conditions or by weather systems hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away. Wherever they come from, waves are the driving force behind all the changes we see from day to day on the beaches of Canterbury.

The Canterbury wave buoy is moored in about 76 metres of water, 17 kilometres east of Le Bons Bay, Banks Peninsula at Latitude 43° 45′ South, Longitude 173° 20′ East. It sends us information about the waves off the coast every half hour.

Last sample (NZD std time) Wave Direction (degrees) Wave Height (m) Max Wave Height (m) Wave Period (s)
28-May 03:00 No record 4.075 6.73 6.79