Flood Warning

This was posted @ 7-30am Wednesday June 13.

Around 150mm of rain fell along the Kaikoura Coast; of the order of  50mm south to Waipara.

The low that caused the rain weakened somewhat as it moved south and is now scheduled to cross Wellington today and then retreat slowly eastwards.

The event is coming to an end although another 30 to 50mm could fall today.

This posting will be left up today, then will be removed around 8am tomorrow morning. 


This was posted @ 11-30am, Tuesday June 12.

Up to 220mm of rain is confidently predicted for the Kaikoura area; 80mm south of there to Waipara from around now until midday tomorrow.

The rain is expected to be reasonably well spread over that time with intensities of 10 to 15mm/hour.

This is a significant rain storm which will result in all the eastern foothills and plains rivers + streams of those areas rising substantially, and which will cause local flooding and ponding.

This will be updated @ 8am Wednesday June 13 or sooner if circumstances change.